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Resources for prostate diseases

Dealing with prostate disease involves you, your family and your physician. The following Web sites include more information about prostate disease and treatment options. Some of the organizations mentioned can put you in contact with prostate disease support groups. Some even offer meetings where you can discuss the latest treatments for prostate disease with other people diagnosed with prostate disease. Sometimes guest physicians are invited to the meetings to discuss treatment options.

TAP Pharmaceuticals Products Inc. cannot assure the accuracy or timeliness of the information available at the following Web sites and information resources.

American Association for Cancer Research
The American Association for Cancer Research provides research grants and publishes several medical journals.

American Cancer Society
(800) 227-2345
The American Cancer Society (ACS) can be a starting point for dealing with family members and other issues that may arise after a prostate cancer diagnosis. The site also includes information about the ACS and statistics about prostate cancer incidence rates.

American Foundation for Urologic Disease
(800) 242-2383
This organization is dedicated to the prevention and cure of urologic diseases such as prostate cancer through research, education and public awareness. The site includes research facts, educational material and advocacy information.
(800) 422-6237
This is a useful gateway into the National Cancer Institute for information. From here you can access a portion of the contents of PDQ — the Physician Data Query database — which provides detailed information about specific cancers written for both medical professionals and patients.

CaP Cure (The Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate)
(800) 757-2873
CaP Cure, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for prostate cancer, is the largest private source for research funding for prostate cancer. They offer information on prostate cancer, treatment options, clinical trials and personal stories of survival.

Center for Prostate Disease Research (CPDR)
The CPDR is a prostate cancer research program funded by the U.S. Army that conducts research nationwide at U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force hospitals. The Web site explains the program and provides education and research updates.

Doctor's Guide to Enlarged Prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)
This site contains the latest medical news for patients, family and friends of those diagnosed with enlarged prostate (BPH). Discussion groups and news groups on BPH can be reached from this site.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
(888) 937-6227
The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship is a grassroots network of individuals and organizations working on behalf of people with all types of cancer.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
The NIDDK, under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health, provides a site with answers to questions about BPH, talks about the lifestyle of a patient with BPH, and provides additional reading.

The Prostate Pointers
Here you will find helpful patient education material on prostate cancer, compiled from a wide variety of medical sources.

(800) 808-7866
US TOO helps survivors of prostate cancer and prostate disease and their families lead healthy and productive lives. This organization offers fellowship, shared counseling and discussion sessions in both formal and informal settings.

Book Resource:
Ellsworth P, Heaney J, Gill C. 100 Questions & Answers About Prostate Cancer. Boston, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers; 2003.



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